What’s the difference between an Orangery & Conservatory?

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May 2, 2019

What’s the difference between an Orangery & Conservatory?

What’s the difference between an Orangery & Conservatory?

Choosing Between Orangery & Conservatory for your home

When you want to extend your home, you get multiple options, but most of the time 2 of them tend to emerge and these are either the conservatory of orangery. But what does each of these do, and how can we use them to make the most out of our home? Let’s find that out right now!

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What is an orangery?

What’s the difference between an Orangery & Conservatory?This is one of the oldest ways to extend your home, but in the beginning it was something only the elite could do, as it was very expensive. The orangery is an extension that’s quite similar to a greenhouse, and here you usually grow a wide range of trees. Basically you can grow a multitude of tree types and this alone manages to provide them with complete protection during the winter months. As time has passed, the orangery quickly became a place where all types of plants, be it exotic ones or even shrubs were placed, all in order to create a wonderful and relaxing place.

The orangery concept first appeared in Italy and the architecture was adapted in Holland, but it soon became a symbol between the wealthy persons, as they were able to show their wealth by creating large, pompous orangeries. Modern orangeries are made out of timber, but you can also find uPVC orangeries as well which is quite impressive.


Conservatories are similar to orangeries, but they offer a great set of differences, such as the ability to grow more herb plants and shrubs rather than fruit. On top of that, the ceiling and the walls are designed in order to offer more light, all so that the plants can grow in a faster manner, which is essential at all times.

Another great difference between an orangery and conservatory is that the latter tends to be built as an attachment to a home, whereas the orangery is basically something that can be created on its own, outside the house. This is why the conservatory can be useful, as it is a home extension first and foremost, which is quite impressive.

Similarities and differences

Both of them use a double-glazing as well as modern glass technologies in order to maintain the space warm during the winter and cool during the summer. On top of that, the walls and base are fully insulated in order to use the entire space during the entire year. Some models can also use self-cleaning glass as this makes the cleaning a lot faster and easier as a whole.

When it comes to differences, the conservatories are using a minimal brickwork and they are mostly about extending the home, in fact they even use the same décor. On the other hand, orangeries are designed with a lot of brickwork in mind and they are mostly a private space that focuses on luxury and adding different types of designs when compared to the home design.

In conclusion, both the orangery and conservatory offer a great place for creating your own garden and nurturing during the year, but depending on your budget, desired design and the amount of luxury, you will end up choosing one of them that suits your needs